Isle of Wight - 24ft

Isle of Wight - 24ft

Isle of Wight - 24ft
Isle of Wight - 24ft


Present Location Isle of Wight
Length in feet 24
Type 4 wheels on outriggers
Power Hand
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Operating No
Owner Isle of Wight Steam Railway
Notes Built for Sadler Rail Coach Company, Droxford, Hampshire. Moved to Isle of Wight 1970s. Currently used as a footbridge between overflow and main car parks at Havenstreet.
Date of Inspection 28/05/2016
Inspected by Nick Felton
Photo date 28/05/2016
Photo by Nick Felton
Date Record Last Updated 04/06/2016

Nick Felton 28/05/2016
Nick Felton 28/05/2016



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