Rowsley - 60ft built 1937

Rowsley - 60ft built 1937

Rowsley - 60ft built 1937
Rowsley - 60ft built 1937


Present Location Rowsley
Length in feet 60
Built by Cowans Sheldon
Year Built 1937
Type Outer Race
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Operating Yes
Owner Peak Rail
Notes Carries Cowans Sheldon works plate - Order No.6181 5 March 1937. Ex Mold Junction, Flintshire. Dismantled and moved from Mold Junction Shed to Buxton for storage in October 1987 then later moved to Darley Dale sometime during the 1990-92 period for further storage. First part of turntable installed in newly renovated original turntable pit at Rowsley in 2004. Became operational in March 2010 with an official opening ceremony on 1 May 2010.
Photo date 23/06/2013
Photo by Philip Walton
Date Record Last Updated 14/07/2013

Photo  Alan Heardman 02/11/2007
Photo Alan Heardman 02/11/2007



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